Camping in Hocking Hills

Date October 18, 2011

Our camping frequency has dropped off dramatically since we’ve moved to Ohio, so we decided in the middle of the summer to simply pick a weekend and make it happen. The trip was in late September, and we opened up the activity to a range of friends. As it turned out, my sister flew up from Austin to attend, the Pages (with their three kids), one of my co-workers and his daughter, and another of Benton’s friends all came. It turned out to be the right-sized crowd, and it was an easy-going, compatible bunch. We headed down to Hocking Hills, which is widely regarded as one of the more scenic areas in Ohio (and where we camped over Thanksgiving two years ago).

The boys devised a 2-on-2 football game that seemed to run semi-continuously throughout the weekend:

2-on-2 Touch Football

Alana and Claire were inseparable:

Alana and Claire

Drew and Ella at Upper Falls near Old Man’s Cave:

Ella and Drew at Upper Falls

Alana at Old Man’s Cave:

Alana at Old Man's Cave

A walk in the woods — Julie, Amy, Ella, Drew:

On the Trail at Hocking Hills State Park

Julie at the dam near our campsite:

Julie at the lake at Hocking Hills State Park

We ate well, with corn chowder, tamale pie, and pineapple upside-down cake for dinner on Saturday night:

Corn Chowder

Dutch Oven Tamale Pie

Dutch Oven Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

Randy was recovering from rotator cuff surgery, so he got his daily physical therapy from Amy:

Randy Gets His Daily Physical Therapy...Even When Camping

And, on Saturday evening, we pulled out some Michigan-acquired sparklers and turned the kids loose:

Sparklers and a Slow Shutter Speed

Sparklers and a Slow Shutter Speed

Not a bad weekend getaway at all!

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