Two Peas in a Pod

Date March 7, 2010

We headed to the farm in West Virginia this weekend, and Benton got to bring along one of his best friends, Josh. We like it when Josh comes over, because he and Benton entertain each other seemingly endlessly (and he’s roughly twice as polite and three times as self-sufficient as any of our kids, so […]

How to Mess with Your Kid…and Have Your Wife Ruin It

Date December 6, 2008

It’s a twisting, sordid tale, too long to be called short, and yet too short to truly be called long. It all started with a couple of blog posts from a friend and former co-worker about her recent trials and tribulations with a no-knead bread recipe. I clicked through on her link and read the […]

Tetherball: An All Weather Sport

Date February 4, 2008

You may recall my tetherball set installation woes. I put off trying to come up with a solution to the dilemma long enough that my parents made it to town, and my dad applied some engineering problem-solving to come up with a reasonably stable solution (a length of PVC pipe with a lengthwise cut in […]