When a Third Wheel Ain’t a Tricycle

Date April 29, 2009

Ever since my mom was in town and she, Julie, and Benton made a run to the bike store to get Benton a new bike for his birthday, Julie’s been dropping hints about how summer’s coming, Alana’s good on her bike but-can’t-really-go-long-hilly-distances, and how they have these tow-along-bikes that might be just perfect.

Once I talked her down from the 7-speed version, and after a little research on the ‘net, and with Mother’s Day looming, I asked if maybe this would be a good, early, Mother’s Day present. ’twas!

Alana Gets a New Bike

Alana is thrilled with it. As is Julie.

Father’s Day, I suspect, will be a “hitch” for my bike.

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