Fooling Around on the Scioto River

Date January 1, 2011

We live 5 minutes from the Scioto (SIGH-oh-toe) River, which runs pretty much on a direct line to downtown Columbus. Back in September, Carson and I found a little trail tucked away off of a road that parallels the river and did some exploring:

Exploring the Scioto River with Carson

Exploring the Scioto River with Carson

Exploring the Scioto River with Carson

Exploring the Scioto River with Carson

Benton, Carson, and I returned to the same spot shortly after Christmas.

(For those interested, all of the photos below except for the Benton/Carson one and the frozen-in-the-ice tracks were HDR-enhanced — with the most dramatic effect on the last photo below)

Benton and Carson

View down the Scioto River (HDR)

We couldn’t figure out exactly how the ice had formed this way on this log:

Odd Ice Formation on a Log (HDR)

We scared up a couple of Great Blue Herons and proceeded to find their tracks.

These tracks were actually grooves in the frozen surface of the river (we couldn’t quite figure out how that happens):

Frozen Great Blue Heron Tracks

And, more tracks in the snow across a frozen portion of the river:

Blue Heron Footprints on the Frozen Scioto River

One Response to “Fooling Around on the Scioto River”

  1. Joshua Kennedy said:

    Just stumbled across this blog looking for pictures of the Scioto. I’m an outdoor enthusiast and a professional physicist. Those ice bells you are wondering about on the log look like they are from slow changes in the water level. A regular icicle formed and reached down to the water surface. Then it grew radially as it froze the water running around it. My guess is that the water was running right to left in the picture you took? Then as the water level dropped during the onset of winter (you said this was December, right?) the pattern extended until it just couldn’t keep up or the water dropped quickly.

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