Summer Trip 2011 — Part 1 of ? — Angliers, Quebec

Date July 17, 2011

We seem to have settled into a nice pattern of repeating the cycles of our respective youths, in that the “lengthy summer road trip” is becoming an annual event.

This year, we started off with a 14-hour drive to Angliers, Quebec, Canada, where Julie’s aunt and uncle have had a cabin on Lac des Quinze for the past 40 years (that’s 40 years of steady expansion and improvement in support of a large family — easily qualifying as a “resort” without even factoring in the warm and entertaining hosts!). After 3 full days there, we loaded up the family again and drove 13.5 hours to my folks’ cabin on Rangeley Lake in Maine (“funny” story: up until the day before we left on the first leg of the trip, Julie thought that the second leg was going to be 4.5 hours; it turns out that Googling directions from “Quebec” to Rangeley, ME, is sort of like googling directions from “Texas” to New Orleans, LA — it’s a big province!).

We did manage to leave my suitcase behind in Canada, which, luckily, turned out to be  pretty minor blip in the trip. I’ll get those clothes back at some point!

One thing we learned this summer is that our kids have become seasoned road-trippers. We initially planned on a 6:00 AM departure for the first leg of the trip, and we expected that leg to take two days. The kids took turns lobbying for an earlier departure (!), and we wound up “compromising” on 5:00 AM…and then managed to be on the road at 4:45! AND, the kids eschewed breaks to stretch their legs so much that we completed the trip in a single day. We repeated the exercise for the second leg of the trip (not leaving until 4:50 AM…we were on vacation, after all, so should be forgiven the 5-minute slippage!).

After a couple of days there, Julie drove me down to the airport in Portland, ME, to fly back to Columbus. She then stuck around with the kids for the week in Maine before driving to New York to see friends and relatives for the next weekend, and then on back to Columbus.


Kicking off with a few pictures from the first leg of the trip:

View from the Cabin (Carson on the Dock)

View from the Lyren Cabin

The Cabin

The Lyren Cabin viewed from the Dock

Trolling with Uncle Bill

Trolling for walleye

Setting Unrealistic Expectations for How Many Walleye Can Be Caught in 1.5 Hours

Walleye catch!

Carson Could Hardly Wait to Eat Them!

Walleye catch!

It Wasn’t All About Fishing, Though

Off the dock!

Tubing with the Seadoo

Aunt Elaine Got “The Look” When She Questioned the Dungeonmaster

Carson gives Aunt Elaine a piece of his mind

Oh, Yeah, Did I Mention They Have Four Laying Hens?

Alana and Uncle Bill pet the chickens

Carson and Alana with the chickens

I culled down the photos as best I could…but still wound up with a few more than are posted here. You can check the full set out (44 pictures) on Flickr.

4 Responses to “Summer Trip 2011 — Part 1 of ? — Angliers, Quebec”

  1. Bob said:

    You guys have grown up with a different definition of “cabin” than I. The “cabin in Maine, the “cabin in Canada. I can see it now, the next time WE go camping and I tell the wife and kids we’re staying in a “cabin”. Looks like a really nice place. Any sailboats out there?

  2. Tim Wilson said:

    The only sailboat I saw was the single-sail little one tied to the ceiling in Canada. If (when) we go back, I suspect I’ll be pushing to haul it down.

  3. Summer Trip Part 2 of ? — Rangeley, ME | Second Tree Blog said:

    […] like writing Part 1 of our summer trip and then not following up with Part 2 until two weeks later! Since that first post, I’ve made […]

  4. Art said:

    Always great to see pix of Lac de Quinze and Angliers. I spent many WONDERFUL times there with friends and family. Altough I’ve been there many,many times over the years, I haven’t made up there in 5 years. To you and mon ami in Angliers, BONJOUR! Make sure that you have many good times there, in the beautiful canadian near north!

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