Yep. The Tetherball Saga Continues

Date March 15, 2008

One of the nice features of the blogging platform I’ve just switched to is that I can somewhat dynamically point you to all of the past posts related to my tetherball woes. When last we checked in on this tale, we had just received a notification from our homeowners association that said something to the […]

And the Tetherball Woes Continue…

Date February 19, 2008

I’ve written a number of posts on The Saga of the Tetherball. The good news — the only good news — is that we’ve recovered the camera that had pictures of Boppa and Benton playing tetherball in sub-20 degree (Fahrenheit) weather: The bad news is that we aren’t the only people who have taken pictures […]

Tetherball: An All Weather Sport

Date February 4, 2008

You may recall my tetherball set installation woes. I put off trying to come up with a solution to the dilemma long enough that my parents made it to town, and my dad applied some engineering problem-solving to come up with a reasonably stable solution (a length of PVC pipe with a lengthwise cut in […]

Because I’m Not Allowed to Include the Benton Picture

Date January 14, 2008

Sunday was a chilly (~40 degrees F), drizzly day. But, given my lack of success with the home tetherball installation, Benton pestered us into heading to his school to play tetherball. In and amongst getting ready to go for that, Alana’s Princess Big Wheel made its way from the basement to the first floor. All […]