Visiting the Farm: Part 1 — Cousins

Date September 13, 2010

Over Labor Day Weekend, we headed to Julie’s dad’s farm in West Virginia. In addition to Bob and Pam, our nephew and niece, Tyler and Meg, came down for the weekend. It’s a highly compatible group of cousins. When we we arrived, Alana immediately raced in and flung herself on her 15-year-old cousin with a […]

Alana on the Farm

Date March 8, 2010

Julie taught Alana how to jump over things. She proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes practicing the skill down by the river (the pom-poms on the boots provided extra momentum I’m sure): That evening, Julie made a “Jump Up and Kiss Me” (sans pineapple juice — we really rough it when we’re on the […]

Two Peas in a Pod

Date March 7, 2010

We headed to the farm in West Virginia this weekend, and Benton got to bring along one of his best friends, Josh. We like it when Josh comes over, because he and Benton entertain each other seemingly endlessly (and he’s roughly twice as polite and three times as self-sufficient as any of our kids, so […]

Julie on the Farm

Date February 6, 2010

Continuing the theme of some pictures from our surprisingly snow-filled trip to West Virginia last weekend with pictures of Julie… Hanging out with Molly down by the creek Pondering the winter scene With a large icicle Walking back to the farmhouse with her dad

Benton on the Farm

Date February 5, 2010

I really am taking the easy way out with these posts from our trip to West Virginia last weekend! I already posted the video of Benton on the 4-wheeler, but I snapped a few other pictures that seemed worth sharing. Going up… …and going down Pausing for a picture en route to the river with […]

Carson on the Farm

Date February 3, 2010

And…a few pictures of Carson from our West Virginia adventures last weekend. Sledding Hanging Out with Army Men and Legos in Grandpa’s Chair…While Benton Draws a Laser Bead Icicle I got to carry this 20-lb chunk of frozen water all the way back to the farmhouse (including up a lengthy, snowy, wooded incline) so that […]

Alana on the Farm

Date February 2, 2010

Alana headed outside a couple of times to “clean the snow off of Mommy’s car,” but, for the most part, she stayed inside — Grandma Pam is entirely too much of a draw, especially in sub-20 degree weather. On Saturday afternoon, she played some checkers with Julie: She’s totally up for a little smack-talk after […]

Doughnuts, anyone?

Date February 1, 2010

More from our weekend in West Virginia… Benton and I went for several 4-wheeler rides and just couldn’t resist having a little fun in the snow (as always, if you can’t play the video directly, just click on the link and you should get to the YouTube page where it will play):

Molly Goes Sledding

Date January 31, 2010

We headed to West Virginia for the weekend and were surprised when it snowed for most of the day on Saturday. Pleasantly surprised! The boys barely waited until the ground was covered before heading out to slide down the hill, despite the 12-degree weather. Julie got the idea to give Molly a ride down the […]

Pink Bows — Not Just for Little Girls

Date July 22, 2009

Alana has quite a collection of hair ornamentation. When we went to the farm a couple of weeks ago, she wore a large pink bow. You can see it on her head as she spreads corn for the deer: You can see it on her head as she chases Carson on his bicycle: If she’s […]